Session Summary

Leading the Team on the Field - Training Incorporating Injury Prevention
Through live modeling and video aid, Deutsch translates sports medicine research into soccer's key words. Coaches take away a training session and a slew of injury prevention and strength exercises specific to females, with and without a ball, for your every day training.

Balance of Leading the Player and Leading the Team

What is your definition of success and how do we get there together? This session is about a coach’s craft in balancing leading the player and leading the team. Becky leads discussion on how we can proactively work alongside our youth to create an environment where we generate individual resilience and a team locker room that oozes optimism.

Join us for a 45-minute yoga flow designed for athletes. Class will be lead by Annette Corbin, Co-Founder and Director of Training for the Athlete Practice. Take class from this former professional soccer player turned yogi who re-imagined what it means to combine yoga and sport. Click here to learn more about the Athlete Practice.
“It’s not enough to just copy and paste a yoga class. The needs of an athlete are different and therefore the flow of class should reflect that. For athletes, we focus on mobility over strength and weave in the benefits of breath and flow, with the intention of maximizing player performance.” – Annette Corbin